First Month: Do you giving an advice or …

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People said advice is a sign of care. I love advice because it keep me being a better person than before. Thanks to all of people that never stop to advice me. But, what if the advice is more like ‘talking back’ than straight forward. You giving advice is a good thing because you do have an initiative to help them. And after that you ignore them like they did a lot of mistake. You start comparing.

“Hey, you know the person before you was good. They always going around to find a job to do. They very good…that day I remembered that when they heard about went out, they will ask them to follow. And they not shame like you…you should not be shy because we are family…don’t stop asking…you are learner not worker. So act like one la…”

Fi yuuuuuuuuu……booom kebabooom……like a bom attacked the Hiroshima and Nagasaki on 6th and 9th of August… and you keep ‘soseh-soseh’ behind that person. While ‘that person’ still exist. [After you attacked with ‘the boom’, you declare a cold war.]

Do you see what happen to that place after the boom? It ruined! But at the other side it grow a hope. Hope to ignore them too…hahahahahha…I know, I know that was my mistake because not took a part in your peers…I just sit at my place quietly and not asking others person what they do, what you do, and what to do…I am independently learner…you can suggest me a software and teach me a little bit…and I will explore the thing and keep playing around with it. And I will ask if I really don’t know. [having problem asking a question is really hard….*sigh*]
“You know, if you don’t ask them, they will think that you already know…”

“Ah, you can give me a job or teach me whatever you want because I am intern…I should not be mad at you if you or they want to advice me…” and give them a fake smiling.

“You should not be like that…” okay, I am smiling and giving the ears to heard with full of attention.

“You should be like the intern before you. They are very friendly person. They do have a wish to getting a job. They not stop asking…” same old, same old…

Why not you giving advice like this;

“You know, you are very good at work. You did complete the job in given time, you do have a higher focused while doing the job and you come early but there is one thing you still missed; lack of conversation.”

Instead of:  

“You know, the intern before you will not wearing a ‘baju kurung’ during weekday because they always asking a senior to follow them go to the site. Then they will…and more blah blah bla…(about the comparison)”

People. Community. Society. They are the master of judging. If you don’t talk to them, they will talk about you. You got no problem with them, they will find a trouble to mess with your life. That’s why I got an anthrophobia. Afraid with society in higher level. [but we are the society…]

I have no issues if they want to give advises but please, please stop comparing…Nobody like it! [Unless you’re the price tag…]

Sigh…levitasi song keep on repeat mode in my head. 

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