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March 18, 2016

First of all, I would love to say a thousand thank you to our lovely blogger; Numigx aka IGS for tagging me on this awesome 'Tagging Tagged' segment. Without hesitate your precious time, I will try my best to answers all thirty curious questions ^_^

1- Name
Sofie. Just sofie. 

2- Age
Same batch with Taylor Lautner, Logan Lerman. Okay, this time I will straight to the number. I am 23 years and four month old.

3- Best friend/s?
Music+ Diary. Nein! There's a long list to write in this entry. 

4- Relationship status

5- Piercings you have

6- Piercings you want

7- Tattoos you have

8- Tattoos you want

9- Favorite blog
All the blog in my'cafe list'

10- The meaning behind my URL
Just my blogger name. Nothing hidden meaning. I think....

11- Favorite band at the moment
I see star, Crown the Empire, Asking Alexandria.....

12- Favorite movie
Toys Story, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, PK....

13- A fact about my personality
Ambivert! Maybe in a bipolar disorder group too...maybe....

14- What I hate most about myself
Erm...erm...less confident in front of other people...maybe...yeah...maybe...

15- What I love most about myself
Loyal. ke loyal? 

16- What I want to be when I'm older
Die in peace. 

17- Idea of a perfect date
Date? Nah...i don't know.

18- Thing/s I hate most
Time, money and status.

19- Weakness

20- Phobia

21- What I hate most about school
Can't remember. 

22- Things I find attractive in guys
The way they are. 

23- Biggest turn on

24- Biggest turn off

25- A random fact I know
Iceland is the top ten most peaceful country in the world's

26- A quote I love my life on
Carpe diem my friend!

27- Something I need to get off my chest
Lambakan report! 

28- A description of the person I hate and why I hate them
Fakers. I don't hate them. I only hate the way they act..

29- The last time I cried and why
I lost my memory....huhuhuhuhu

30- Looks or Personality- why?
Personality. Personality will last longer than looks.

Tagging?? kamu, kamu, kamu dan kamu...oh tak lupa juga kamu..iya..kamulah yang tengah baca ni...

Thanx for reading!


  1. amboi kak hahaha sama batch ngan taylor lautner eh? hehe :P baru tahu pasal iceland tu.

    1. hahahahha....iyalah sama batch tu. termasuklah josh hutcherson, selena gomez...ramaila lagi...

  2. laaa adik rupanya hihihi..

    saya suka jawapan yg ni :

    A description of the person I hate and why I hate them
    Fakers. I don't hate them. I only hate the way they act..

  3. I'm laughing. Ingatkan igs je cuba keep it short.. kak sofie lagi short.. huhuhuhuhuhuh... my biggest turn on pun taktau nak tulis apa *gelak tegolek* hahahaahaha

    1. hahahhahahahha....itu sebab tak tau nak hurai...hehehehe
      tulah mula mcm tak paham pun benda alah apalah turn on turn off...pastu bila baca balik...baru faham..

  4. salam , jalan jalan sini "kenal" sofie :)


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