10 jam 30 minit…

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Move On zillion time
Too March stories
Self Care On A Budget
Pilihan kehidupan
Come back blog mission
Mood: Nervous….
Background song: Playlist from Crown the empire and Attack Attack! song.
Okaylah…mood sekarang sangat-sangatlah tak okay…
you never said that this would be easy…so go on live…”
Checklist untuk persediaan esok dah pun aku selesaikan. 
Baju, untuk seminggu dah pun diseterika…borang pengenalan diri pun dah print…apa lagi ek? 
Pray for tomorrow… 
Sebenarnya ada apa dengan 10 jam lagi ni?
Oh, esok first day nak praktikal…tapi macam tak bersedia je lagikan? 
May Allah ease our way…
Good luck untuk semua yang bakal praktikal esok!
Do your best and fight for the better! 
*sometimes you need to keep it under ur hat…and trust nobody….
“every breath you take, I watch u slip away,
you’re slowly killing urself….I won’t give in..
If my heart could sing, would u stay?
would you stay and listen?
If my soul was torn, would u help?
Would u try and fix me?
Would u help un-break me?”
Okay, yang ni bukan dari CtE or Attack Attack… 

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