How to Draft the Perfect Resume

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When it comes to finding a job, besides having the will and disposition to do it, it is essential to know how to present yourself! That is why you should be thinking very carefully about drafting the perfect CV or resume.

resume is a document that summarizes detailed information about you. 

The importance of having a good resume generally lies on the fact that it is the first requirement when applying for a job. Your resume will be the main source of information —and first impression— that the company will receive from you.
If you are not really sure of what type information to add to your resume or how to organize it, do not worry about it! We have prepared a list of recommendations just for you:
  • Check if the country you want to apply for a job offer has a specific format before designing your resume, as this may vary.
  • Try to be as specific and to the point as possible in the information you add to your CV.
  • Add your personal information: full name, age, career and courses, address and contact information. Furthermore, along with your phone number, include an email address and, when possible, add the username of your social networks. Nowadays, many companies consider the content and the use you make out of them very important. Try to keep all that information in a visible place, it may be at the top of the page or, if you want to explore a design variation, you could add a left-hand column with all this information.
  • Summarize the skills and abilities you have. It is essential for a business to know which are your strengths. They will take you into consideration if you have what it takes to perform well in your job.
  • Add previous work experience, in chronological order. Be specific in the tasks you performed. Include the name of the company you worked for and the period of time you were there.
  • Do not forget to mention the courses you took, additional studies and, if you master one or several languages, include them as well!

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