Gifts Less Ordinary: A luxury corporate gifting

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But, if you’re searching for the luxury corporate gifts, then keep reading.
Let’s say, you just want to give somebody a luxury present, but you get stuck in finding a perfect gift. Argh! I hate to give something to someone without a passion. It’s like giving them a “living corpse”. Then how we can help you to find the fresh bloody present?
Here come the rescue: the Gift Less Ordinary.
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Before I go too far for the present, let’s have a brief introduction about Gift Less Ordinary.

It’s a luxury corporate giving whereas all the gifts are made from leather, wood/bamboo, with an authentic and vintage look. If you give a look at this link,, I’ll guarantee that you already imagined the person that deserves this present.

Of course, the suitable person is YOU! I would love to treat myself first after a long hectic year. Then I will consider about the next person. Or maybe you can use this website if you out of an idea to buy a gift for someone you love. The best part of all the gifts in this website are the designs are suitable for all occasions.

Don’t worry to give a try to your minimalist friends because the gift from Gifts Less Ordinary has are mostly minimized.

There are certain reasons why shopping gifts online are  the best way to give a present:
1- Plenty of choices
2- Vintage, unique and authentic
3- Of course doesn’t need to go offline and get tired of searching the perfect present. I’m telling you about saving time.
4- We can personalise the gifts

“Oh, did you know that Gifts Less Ordinary recently launched their corporate gifting website in Singapore?”

If you don’t know, then you should check it out now! I’ll guarantee that you will never leave that website without buying anything. Because who doesn’t love the authentic and unique present? Don’t forget to bookmark the website first.

The currency used to show the price on this website are in SGD, GBP and HKD. So you need to convert the currency by yourself. I bet the price would be nice if MYR is at the same level as SGD. 😅

I already fall in love with Maria Allen Boutique!

keyring, logo, personalized

If you think about to market your brand by using the personalised wooden key ring, then go for it! Can’t wait to have one and I’ll support your brand!😎

mug, bamboo, travel

Whoever gives me this, you’re rock!

What about the shipping?

Now, you’re worried huh? The big deal when doing the online shopping is the delivery charge. The delivery charges may be applied to all countries except Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia and The U.S. (I wish they grow faster all around the world. Then, no need to pay for delivery charges. 😅)

If you still cannot take your eyes off this present, then you should stalk they here

Other than that you can give a glance on:


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  1. I really like your statement sofie : "I hate to give something to someone without a passion.."
    Seriously, me too..
    No wonder luxury corporate gift, all made from leather.

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