Newborn Hampers are Special Baby Gifts

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It is quite convenient to pick and select a newborn baby hamper to give or send as gifts on baby showers. When you send the new parents the Baby Hamper Singapore, you are sending high quality and useful Baby Gifts. For the newborn baby that will arrive soon, mom and dad will no longer have to spend more on baby items if friends like you will bring newborn hampers of gifts. Check out these ideas for newborn hamper for baby showers:
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Welcome Baby Hamper

This hamper for the newborn is a thoughtful gift to celebrate and welcome the new baby. It is a collection of assorted baby items such as baby clothes, baby toys, baby books, and baby items for hygiene and bath use. A baby gift set can be included in a special newborn hamper.

Baby Essentials Hamper

A special hamper of baby essentials is a thoughtful gift on baby showers. The hamper may include different sets of baby essentials like baby bath items, baby feeding bottles, baby diapers, baby accessories, and more.

Baby Care Hamper 

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A baby care hamper also makes a wonderful gift for this special event. The selected baby shower gifts Singapore included in this newborn hamper are just right in taking care of the baby. From baby clothes to baby foods, giving this hamper will surely shower the baby with lots of care.

Baby Bath Time Hamper

Provide complete baby bath items for the baby with a baby bath time hamper. This gift will surely be used every day for the baby’s bath and hygiene purposes. You may choose to buy a pre-arranged hamper of these gift items or make and customize your own hamper for personalized baby gifts on this special occasion.

Baby Toy Hamper

A baby toy hamper is a perfect gift for the newborn. The hamper may include sets of toys in plush and soft materials, as well as educational toys and toys for fun. If you are giving a toy hamper on baby shower party, it is best to pick those that are made from lead-free and chemical-free materials.

Giving newborn hampers on baby showers can be more exciting for you and more meaningful for the celebrant. When you choose the items to include in the hampers, you may want to consider the parents in your selected items. Let the whole family and the baby enjoy your special Baby Hamper.

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