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Blue Sky Tag: Behind blue sky...

It feels like I've spent the whole day in front of my lappy and still can't think what are the amazing thing has happened in my life? What am I going to write? Which one should I choose as my amazing experience? 😵

Since my brain can't figure it out, so I moved to the Blue Sky Tag. Perhaps by answering this question, it gives me an idea. 

I've been tagged by Amerzing. Thank you very much for tagging me! Hope my answers will warm your heart. 😊

The rules:
  1. Thank the person who tagged you
  2. Answer their 11 questions
  3. Tag 11 people
  4. Give them 11 questions to answer
So here we go...

Q: If you suddenly found yourself turned into woman/man, how would you spend your day?
A: I will pack my bag and go around the world without any worries. Sleep at the beach, join the nomad, and the best part is jumping from the upper hill of the waterfall!

Q: Tell me the most awkward moment in your life?
A: When you just do the handshake while that person wants to hug...ops! sorry, I'm not the hugger type...

Q: What are the best and worst purchases you have made?
A: The best purchases is my lappy. And there is a lot of worst purchases I've made. I don't know why the past me soooo easy to give away the money...

Q: If you have a chance to change your name, what will it be and why??
A: Aryan. I've no reason...

Q: Who is the messiest person you know?
A: ----I don't know. Maybe I just don't hang out with the messiest person...

Q: What are the most useless talent do you have?
A: I'm going to skip this question...

Q: Who is the fourth person on your missed call list?
A: My housemate. 

Q: What is your favorite TV show?
A: Arrow!!! I love Ollie character. I'm trying to be as cool as him..#teamarrow. Sorry, Amer, it's been a long time I don't watch Malay drama...except Misteri Wan Peah...hahahahaha, this one really attracts me to watch till the last episode.

Q: What was your first thought when you wake up this morning?
A: Clean the house, do the laundry,...and I'm going to have a McDelivery for my dinner. Since I forgot to ate anything yesterday! huhuhuhuhu

Q: What are you completely give up and done with?
A: Expectation...

Q: Do you think my questions are ridiculous?
A:'s still acceptable...


To not break the rule, I choose these awesome bloggers to the next Blue Sky Tag:-

And these are your questions:-
  1. Where you will spend your first-day hari raya aidil fitri this year?
  2. The best hari raya in your life is when....
  3. Do you already buy a baju raya? What color?
  4. Last thing you do before you open the blog?
  5. Tell me your meal today
  6. Last time you take a selfie
  7. True or false our ringtone reflect the personality?
  8. Percentage of your achievement for this year?
  9. Open Instagram, whose picture on your first insta feed?
  10. The last song on your phone....
  11. Heads up, what did you see?
Don't forget to tell me your answers! It could be the pill of happiness of the day...

Thanks for reading!
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  1. Amer tagged me too, still not done the entry yet.

    1. huhuhuhu...get it done mrs pip! can't wait to read ur answers :)

  2. amboi first 3 questions ya pasal raya hahaha thanks for the tag kak :) mun rajin kelak kmk molah awal,mun sik lambat sikit kmk nak molah hehe

    1. yalah! sik tauk mok engkah soalan apa..^_^!
      sikdahal cepat ka lmbt janji molah...

  3. Thanks Sofie yang comey, Insha Allah nanti akak jawab.. :)

    1. U're welcome kak! :D tak shaba nak tau baju raya kaler apa...hahahhahahah

  4. Hahahahahah.. lahai lawak lah.. kenapa skit bab useless talent tu, yangyang saya nak thu sangat hahah.. best jugak benda nih..

    1. Sebab rasa macam semua talent saya berguna..huhuhuhuhu
      bahkan boleh buat duit...hurm...betul ni..

  5. OMG the first question! ;D

    Same here, I am going to pack by backpacks and go couchsurfing and hitchhiking! But well, boys' responsibilities are quite heavy. But, to be a boy for one day is interesting! :D hahaha

    1. Yayyy!!!! but nayyy..huhuhuh
      Nak buat macam mana kan...semuanya big IF nina...

      Tu yang kadang heran, knp ramai lelaki nak jadi wanita...

  6. tq kak sofie tag saya, nanti sy jawab :)

    1. u're welcome tomo!
      tak sabarnya nak baca!! jgn lupa share link ya!

    2. dah, buat XD

    3. alright! kena baca terus ni!...

  7. OMG I want to know why you chose Aryan!!!! hahaha

    Still doing the entry to answer you questions :)

  8. DONE! :D

    1. thanks for answering eyja! ur answers really make my day! :D

  9. That awkward moment in your life, I feel you... But I would add one, when u only want to shake hands and then gets the cheek near.. =="

    1. yah!!! i feel u sis! itu tersangatlah awkward! giler....hahahahhah..

  10. huhuhuuhu, kena tag pula. will reply. tq

  11. Assalamualaikum Sofie, akak dah jawab soalan awak tau... =) Hope happy and satisfied..

    1. waalaikumsalam kak...
      terim kasih sudi jawab:D i'm really enjoy it! :D

  12. done jawab kak hehe :)

    1. makaseh tashira sudi jawab...kamek udah baca pi belom gik komen...tunggu line laju dari kura2 lok! ^_^!

  13. CCL new follower kat sini #570 . jemput ke blog CCL ya

    1. thank you ccl for following here! do enjoy read ya!

  14. Hi. Singgah sini from :)


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